Books From My Spiritual Journey

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I was always an avid reader - prekids lol (Actually, reading for leisure is one of the top 2 things I miss about life before #motherhood, but I’ll save that for another post.) Being an only child + growing up taking the train + bus , I had a lot of time to read. Then I majored in English bc I loved reading + writing so much. I want to share with you guys some of the books that have guided me on my spiritual journey.

 If there was a book of my 20’s it was The Secret, that’s what got me to California at 24 + so much more. I still stand by the messages in that book. Now if that was the book of my 20’s, Light Is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell is the book of my 30’s. Finding that unique inner light and learning to follow your heart + let that light shine thru. Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose is a recent purchase just filled with rituals, recipes + practices for more than just beauty. It’s pretty much the Bible for someone like me who likes to make their own toiletries, cosmetics + other holistic products with the most organic, cleanest ingredients. A Modern Guide to Crystal Healing is a great reference on how to use crystals + their energy for their highest intention. The Spirit Almanac is a new age guide to ancient practices + important days in each season. I just started reading A Little Bit of Mantras by Lily Cushman that I got in my Goddess Provisions box. As someone who uses mantras daily, it’s imperative to know how to use them properly + their history, etc. If you find yourself looking inward + feeling stuck, these books are a great place to start. I hope to one day have more time to read again 🤞🏻#momlife until then tho right?! What books do you love? Any in particular shape your path? Comment below!

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