Meet Erin The Urban Mermaid

Erin The Urban Mermaid is a Modern Mystic and 5D Soul Guide. She is the mother to now three young boys Bryson and Christian who are 18 months apart, and baby Liam, their rainbow baby, who joined the family end of August 2022. Erin is  a published writer (FireandLux, Red Tricycle, Holistic Fashionista Magazine, The BK Reader, San Diego Moms Blog, Motherly, Canvas Rebel, San Diego Voyager and more), practicing astrologer, psychic medium and energy healer specializing in Advanced Theta Healing and is a Usui Reiki Master. She is a devout tarot reader and loves to decode souls by their blueprint, their birth chart. She is a holistic practitioner and has studied and embodied all things wellness for years. Erin holds her BA from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY in English. 

Erin came out of the spiritual closet the last few years and created her movement by working with those who want to restore their life force energy, connect with their Divine Light and transform as a self healer through her guidance and use of sacred esoterica. She started her sharing her gifts by beginning her #groundedandglam monthly membership and it blossomed into a full on movement when she birthed The Empress Ascension.

The Empress Ascension came to be after Erin herself realized the leaders of the New Earth were self healers who were no longer fitting in with 3D society and truly wanted to get to the root of their issues and return to oneness. It is her mission to guide them, help them unlearn, reprogram their subconscious minds and give them the tools they need going forward so they could embody the 5D. She facilitates this movement using her own “3D to 5D Ontology” which is a methodology rooted in intuition, sacred esoterica and holistic ideals.






Erin is a born mystic. She can remember having abilities from early childhood that got lost along the way due to conditioning and lack of nourishment, through no fault of anybody. She has a Virgo moon in the 8th house which means she is rooted in the metaphysical and occult and as a healer. A Sagittarius stellium, (Sun, Venus, Uranus and Saturn), she is a sponge to ancient wisdom, has always learned through experience and is a free spirit and a rebel. Also a Scorpio stellium, (Mercury, Pluto, South Node and Moon in the 8th house), she always craved a certain depth in life, relationships, friendships, even just conversations and always had an interest in witchy ways ;) And her fatherly Capricorn rising kept her ambitious, motivated and the only placement keeping the rest of her in check! When she finally started to embody her Taurus in the 4th house North Node and honor her destiny as the Empress and a mother and discovered an important part of her calling was through her 10th house in Libra, another Empress placement that is meant to help souls find the beauty in loving themselves and inner peace and help others ascend to 5D consciousness, to unconditional love, grace and healing.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Erin picked up and moved to San Diego, CA back in early 2010 without a job, a car or a dollar in her pocket at the age of 24 where she has been ever since. She shares her three beautiful sons, who are Rainbow Children, with her soulmate and life partner Ryan.


You can check out Erin on her podcast #groundedandglam Modern Mystics and Motherhood on Apple iTunes and Spotify or her interviews and monthly Sun Goddess tarot readings on her YouTube channel.

You can also look forward to the release of Erin's 3 sacred texts "The Urban Mermaid Mama" which will be self published and available for purchase soon her on her website.