Meet Erin The Urban Mermaid

Erin solo in the sunlight

My name is Erin, + I am The Urban Mermaid. I am a mother, writer, influencer, wellness consultant, holistic lifestyle educator, Usui Reiki Master healer, Tarot + Oracle Card Reader, Light Worker, Intuitive + Emotional Empath, Birth Chart Decoder and advocate for mothers. I work with crystals, essential oils, herbs, candles, energy, chakras and more. I am here to help you connect with your highest self, get past your trauma, reparent, face your shadows, shift your energy, balance your chakras and live your best life.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and moved to San Diego about 10 years ago. I live here now with my boyfriend/partner/ride or die/soulmate Ryan and our sons Bryson + Christian. My boys are 18 months apart and it is wildddddd. I write a lot about my experiences in motherhood; the incredible, the difficult, confusing, to be a resource to other new moms and offer help or at least little mom hacks to help get you through! I advocate and educate about breastfeeding as much as I can. I feel the lack of support of breastfeeding leads most moms to quit + I am here to support and share so they feel they have somewhere to turn. Check out my blog page for lots of motherhood and family content and how I merge my spiritual and wellness life with my family/mom life.

Somewhere along my journey, I found wellness and knew this was my thangggg. Not just being skinny, not just going to the gym, but an overall balance of health in my mind, body and soul. This meant ditching chemical ridden cosmetics and household cleaners, honoring and nourishing my body with superfoods, meditation, yoga and learning whatever I could about living a balanced, holistic life. Educating people about the benefits of this lifestyle is truly a passion to me. That’s why I developed my wellness guides and coaching. To teach others a better way of honoring themselves from the inside out. They deserve the self love that comes from eating high vibes foods and honoring your body. These guides are intuitive and carefully curated per person, and infused with little pieces of my soul - haha I mean that figuratively. But I do give so much of me because it’s one of those things I connect to so deeply and just want to share my knowledge. 

Naturally, in my wellness journey, I found spirituality. Becoming aware of the energy that surrounds me and how powerful it is, blew my mind. Everything from setting intentions to learning about mantras and breath work and crystals and chakras, just sparked something in me. I knew I had to learn more and share. I received my Reiki attunement and I was forever moved. Things just opened up for me. I never thought healing would be my calling but helping a person physically, mentally + emotionally heal brings me the greatest reward. I started seeking answers from my guides, medium and other spiritual friends, and notably did I learn I come from a long line of female healers and empaths, I had a physical third eye opening. I had very powerful gifts too. I have always been intrigued by astrology, but actually started reading birth charts to better parent my very different sons. I learned through my own chart, that not only did I inherit gifts from my family, certain aspects in my chart revealed my intuitive and psychic nature. Birth charts just speak to me and I am able to channel messages and translate them through writing to help others understand their inner selves. (Thanks to my Virgo moon!) My Reiki sessions include crystal and essential oil healing, chakra balancing, sage baths, energy cleansing, oracle card pull and of course healing. I also started seeking answers from oracle decks, the more I use them, the more they would hit the nail on the head every time I pulled a card, I find them a great divination tool to assess energy. I also picked up intuitive Tarot which I feel tells me stories. My other offering is a Chakra Analysis with Guidance Cards. With this service, I go in and see where my clients chakras are flowing, blocked, stagnant or "struggley". I then email a detailed report of what came up, and explanation of the issue and how to work on fixing it. Again, I knew I had to share these gift and be the vessel that connects people to their inner truths and highest self.

So if you’re here, check out my packages and plans for wellness guides, Reiki healing and intuitive readings. I offer special pricing on packages and bundles, payment plans and free consultations. All services can be done completely remotely. I recently implemented a new method for my distance clients for oracle readings that has worked beautifully. We discuss what you are looking for in the reading and then I conduct it myself and send it to you (Card pulls, explanations, interpretations and reoccurring themes.) I urge you to process the information and then come back for clarification. Remember, the cards are NEVER wrong. If something doesn't resonate, start looking out for it! IT WILL COME UP!

My podcast, the #groundedandglam Modern Mystics and Motherhood podcast drops every Friday on iTunes and Spotify. I do parenting horoscopes on Red Tricycle and "adult" horoscopes on

I also created the #groundedandglam Membership for those are ready to do the inner healing. This is a monthly membership for you to show up for yourself and I help guide you on your healing journey. 

If you have any questions, shoot me an email or book a call and I'd be happy to put you on the right path. I’m here to help you on this magickal journey.

Love + Light,