The Capricorn Rising Business Mentorship

For Higher Conscious Businesses and Brands Ready To Lead With Love

I am finally ready to share my esoteric business wisdom.

Do you ever feel like you are perpetually putting a round peg into a square hole?

Maybe you are.
Because you aren't meant for business in the 3D.
If you are on a spiritual or healing journey, you've surpassed the typical ways of doing business and having a brand. 
You've elevated. 
But you feel stagnant in business.


But how do you get your business/brand to meet you, reflect this and attract in the people you are meant to serve?

That means it's time to take a higher consciousness, heart centered approach to your business.

I just don't do things like other people and I make no apologies for it. It is what has gotten me to where I am today both professionally and personally.

I have put together an 8 week mentorship for businesses and brands who want to be more. Who want to grow, to be abundant, to find the people they are meant to serve, to learn how to market to attract their soul tribe in and build "customer retention", who know integrity and authenticity are non negotiable and are ready to embody their uniqueness and make their contribution to the New Earth. 

It's time to leave fear behind.

In fact in this 8 week transformation we will be going into to all that.


What can you expect?

You will be going deep with yourself. 
Your business and brand can only grow as much as YOU are truly willing to do the work.

This can mean:

You and your business are Karmic.

Like the Devil card in the tarot, there are things we must work through in order for us to receive abundance. Until you've worked through these, you will not see the abundance or success you wish.


The amount of healing you do is directly related to where your business is at.

You may recognize you have certain patterns BUT are you choosing to work through them?  

It's easy to say "I have control issues" but what are you truly doing to release them?   Just acknowledging the behavior is not enough.


Understanding WHO you are meant to serve.

We aren't meant to work with everyone. In fact, if you've had clients or customers become bitter or flake out, you have NO idea who you are meant to serve.
When you know WHO you are here to serve, marketing becomes a no brainer.
The amount of followers you have, reel views or likes has NOTHING to do your WHO. 


Understanding your Higher Calling. 
We each have a Divine Calling, that's why competition doesn't exist for me. Integrity, Authenticity and Uniqueness are the 3 non negotiable ingredients to a leader. 


Trusting Yourself

Do you over think things? Do you think people are out to sabotage you? Do you self sabotage? Do you follow through? Do you understand failures are lessons and do you apply the lesson? Do you constantly worry? So you seek validation outside yourself?


Energy Exchanges 


Do you give too much away? Do you always seem to attract freeloaders? This leads to frustration and burn out.


Intuitive Business

A calendar so to speak, that aligns with what you want to offer and when it feels good to do it and exactly how to do it, based on my personal method and experience.


The "success" of your business/brand is a reflection of your own self worth.




I have officially been in business 5 years. When I started I had no formal business training. I actually began my online career as a mom influencer and wasn't that great at it. WHY? My worth, values and vision were all out of whack. I worked on uneven trades, had "let me get this for free" mentality and I didn't know my people. Because even in Motherhood my values don't align with the majority. I also thought the amount of likes, followers and views actually mattered!!!!
Soon I realized my high calling was to share my Spiritual gifts, and ya know what, that is an even smaller market. Yet, I am 10000 times more abundant in every way: connection, monetary, fulfillment and even success. 
I can even admit, there are healers who have been doing it longer than me, mediums who are more tapped in and astrologers who practice more than just western or are well versed in other kinds of astrology. 
What makes me different?
I am better at marketing myself. I know who my client is.
Because I have developed a method based on my intuition, with my core values at the center and I know my value, my energy exchange and just who I am meant to work with. I've also worked through so many of my blocks to get me to where I am today.
So now I've finally put this all together in a mentorship transformation to share with you.


If you are ready to heal yourself, see your business transform, lead with love and straight up change the game, The Capricorn Rising Business Mentorship is for you. I am meant to serve you. 


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