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Single Services Are Being Taken On A Case by Case Basis To Honor My Postpartum Period



#groundedandglam Reiki Healing: $150 per session

Heal yourself on an unconscious level with my intuitive sessions. Reduce stress, better sleep, align your chakras and energies. First session with new clients will take over an hour. Distance sessions are available. Crystal healing, aromatherapy, essential oils, sage baths, pendant work, an oracle card pull and chakra balancing may all be apart of your experience. 

#groundedandglam Psychic Medium Tarot + Oracle Card Readings: $100 (emergency readings $200)

Connect to your soul, your highest truths. There are no time limits on readings as I feel the messages come through as intended without a time limit. Using my tarot and oracle deck divination tools, I am able to be a vessel and channel the messages from the Divine your soul is seeking. Usually this is done over the phone.  If you are looking for more ongoing services with readings, other bundles can be discussed. Payment is required before the call takes place. I cannot hold places based on your word. A donation based reading is also available. This is one question with clarification and will last about 20 minutes. To book please pay here and message me to schedule. Be sure to include your email address in the payment notes.

#groundedandglam Chakra Analysis + Card Pull: $75 

Our Chakras are beautiful spinning points of energy along our spine that connect to different areas of our body. Our bodies, much like a machine with a clogged pipe, cannot function properly if a Chakra is blocked, slow or stagnant and it forces the rest of our Chakras to make up for it and go into overdrive. This takes only a few minutes of your time to answer 3 questions about your present state of being and I will do your analysis and send you detailed results. What was spinning, what was blocked, what was slow and how they relate to you and your energy field. I then send you HOW to remove these traumas with different energetic tools. I choose an affirmation card based of my finding to help guide you and send you that as well. Take time to process this info and I encourage you to reach out with follow up questions. I encourage this for those just discovering their spiritual side or who feel blocked and can't figure out why a physical pain or emotional trauma has manifested. Commit to working on yourself from the inside and feeling good because you deserve that. To book, please send payment here and attach your email address in the notes. I will contact you with some questions to answer which must be completed before I start. You will receive a full email report. 

#groundedandglam You Are Not Just Your Sun Sign Extended Reading: $150

Did you know you are more than just your sun sign? Has your horoscope ever not resonated with you? That's because you are more than your sun sign! This  reading takes a look into your Sun, Moon + Rising, North and South Node, Chiron and 12th house  signs and placements. For those who aren't familiar with this, your Moon sign is your shadow self, your inner mood, why you are how you are and how you process your emotions. Your Sun sign is how you see yourself, your personality and your ego. Your Rising or Ascending sign is how the world sees you. Your North and South Node is what your soul has come to this life to learn and master and what it spent lifetimes already learning and is here to release. Your Chiron placement is your core wound and your 12th house is your Karmic debt and the unseen. Together these give you a powerful read on YOU! No matter what personal journey you are on, knowing yourself first is the best place to start and this chart is for you.

The mini reading is also available, I highly recommend this for learning more about your children because from personal experience, it has helped me parent them as individuals. This is their sun, moon and rising signs. This is $65.

A full birth chart reading is $400 and that will be a 25-30 page document that goes into all planets and placements. 

A detailed report will be emailed to you.

*Required for these readings are your first name, birthdate, time of birth and location. The reading cannot be done without these elements.

*I reserve the right to take as much time as needed to get your chart to you. This means it can take over a month depending on orders. You purchase this with that understanding.

To book, please send payment here and message me your birth details. Full name, birth date, time and location and please make sure I have your email. 


Currently Offering: The #groundedandglam Shift Your Vibes Energy Session

Every Tuesday + Thursday at 5pm PST. Come and destress with me! This session includes yoga, meditation, breath work, journalling, card and energy readings and Reiki. Limit 3 people per session to honor the Reiki. Now booking. 48 hour cancellation notice is required. No refunds, if you cancel you must rebook. Follow up emails are for new clients only, if you would like a follow up email and are a returning customer, please let me know before hand and its is $25.  (If you are in a different time zone and would like to attend but cannot make this time, please message me and we can accommodate your needs.)


I strongly advise packages as not only do they save you money, our work - like everything else in life, always requires maintenance. I am a firm believer that bandaging an issue will never solve it. Packages are curated specifically for therefore a consultation is required for us to put this together. You need to go deep, do the work and show up for yourself. I am here to guide you through this and connect you to your highest, most luminous self. You are light. Consultation: $50

If you are not sure what path of wellness, healing or spiritual connection you should take, book a consultation call with me!

*No refunds or exchanges on any product or service. No refunds for cancellations, you must rebook.*