Empress Ascension

Transcend Your Consciousness, Illuminate Your Prana, Become a Self Healer and Connect to Your Inner Divine Light

Who is the Empress?

She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Modern Mystic. She wants us to connect deeply to our femininity: our nurturing side, our creative side, our expression, our intuition, our sensuality. You can tell she’s weathered some storms, but her aura is peaceful and calm. She is abundant, when we see her on a tarot card, she sits on a throne, a crown with 12 stars adorns her head indicating her spirituality, mysticism and the cycles of the natural world. Lush trees, a full golden harvest and a flowing stream surround her, she is rejuvenated through her connection to Mother Nature. She is ruled by Venus, you can see the symbol on her pillow. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and grace which is the Empress’s very essence. She oozes fertility, not only as a Mother in the traditional sense, but yourself as your greatest creation.

Birthing A New You

For far too long we have been living in a society that has tried to control our every thought. It has nearly successfully disconnected us from our true selves. The 3D world has poisoned our minds with media, tainted our foods with gmo’s, encouraged habits that weaken our aura and held money in front of our faces like a dangling carrot. Every one of us are unique, Divine spiritual beings that have unfortunately been conditioned to forget that. 
But some of us are waking up and rediscovering who we truly are. That there is a light inside of us that is meant to illuminate, but getting back to that is a journey. Unlearning and reprogramming your subconscious mind seem frightening, so scary you may even choose to stay in your toxic patterns and karmic cycles out of pure comfort. 
I empathize with you because I once was you. In fact I lost my psychic and medium abilities growing up due to the conditioning the world had me trapped in. I fed my ego with designer clothes and shoes (hello credit card debit), fake tan, nails, extensions, loads of makeup (zero self love), celebrity worshipped (envy and comparison), extreme dieting and exercise (control), and living the go go go, hustler, never resting, check to check lifestyle (100% masculine energy and lack mentality). I had unknowingly completely disconnected from my true self, my prana and buried my gifts to the world.
The world today has encouraged us to live in the shadow side of masculine energy and it has driven many of us to exhaustion, anxiety, depression and complete disconnection.

My Movement

I was playing too small with all my different services I was offering and the Universe knew it. So the Divine and I created my movement, The Empress Ascension™.


We birthed my sacred 3D to 5D Ontology™ Methodology using new age methods, holistic healing techniques, ancient wisdom gifted to me and esoteric healing to facilitate and guide souls who are stuck in 4D, who feel like they don’t quite fit in, who want transformation and to live in their higher consciousness. To work through their ego, blocks, attachments, traumas and become self healers.

Because the Leaders of the New Earth are Self Healers.

 And while trauma is never your fault, healing is your responsibility.


By integrating The Empress energy and using sacred esoterica and holistic healing methods I can guide you to be a self healer, to transcend your consciousness, and to rediscover the light within. And to give you the tools you need in the future to always remain in this frequency. 

And while I am not here to teach you anything about manifesting, you cannot do this while in lower frequencies and vibrations with negative attachments still clinging to you or being stuck in karmic cycles and patterns. 

The Empress Ascension is a 3 month transcendence of consciousness and energy to create you as a self healer and myself as your guide. You too are a Modern Mystic, your magick, your prana, your Divine Light is all within you ready to be reignited as a self healer with my help through sacred esoterica (readings, astrology, Reiki, Theta Healing, guided meditation, breath work and more) and holistic healing. 


Watch the Following Testimonial From an Empress Ascension Founding Member

EA video from Christi Mikles on Vimeo.

The Next Transcendence Begins 2023!