profile photo of Karen
“Erin it truly was amazing!! That was my first online reiki and it felt just if not more powerful than being in person. Loved the guided meditation. It really got me into a great space quickly (surprisingly at the end of a busy day). Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. So happy I signed up for this one. I’m a Master number 11 so the 11’s are special to me so it was a great day to do that session. Appreciate you."
-️ Karen
"Erin is such a dear friend and soul sister to me. She’s literally one of the sweetest and most sincere souls I’ve ever connected with. She radiates love and you can feel it in her sessions. I did Erin’s #groundedandglam shift your vibes energy session. It was my first session with her and my first reiki session ever. It was incredible. She made me feel comfortable, especially never having done something like that before. And she was very clear and it made it easy to follow any instruction. It opened a lot for me as far as where I need to go next on my spiritual path. And the reiki made me feel absolutely amazing!!"
-️ Angelina
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"I did Erin’s business astrology course for myself and my Monat team. Everyone absolutely loved it! She was punctual, took her time explaining everything, and not one person left with something bad to say. She was beyond professional and I am so glad we did this course with her."
-️ Melissa
"As an empath it's difficult to find a community like this. It provided a path I can follow that helps keep me aligned and in my journey. I love all the extra workshops you get along with your membership too. Erin does a great job personalizing everyone's experience and cutting through the mystic so you can find your truth."
-️ Melanie
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“Erin is one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met. She has helped me work through troubles in my personal relationships, while helping me build my own brand. I couldn’t be more thankful for her healing and guiding light. She is always someone I know I can go to for guidance and advice and for that I am forever grateful for her. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who feels like they’re on the wrong path in life. She will help you find your way.”
-️ Theresa
“Erins tarot reading came at the perfect time! I was so vague when it came to my questions, but I felt my entire life was at a crossroads. Erin’s reading not only answered several questions I had, but many I didn’t know I needed to hear. I kept my notes from the reading on my living room table, bc it’s given me hope and reminder that I’ll make it through life’s confusing times. Erin’s readings are that powerful - I highly, highly recommend!”⁣
-️ Jessica
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"I was so grateful to come across Erin’s mercury retrograde reading .. the price was right $33 & Paying was easy. Upon giving her,her requested info; she sent me a voice recording ! As a soul business owner, shutting down, reopening & resetting my world a few times; This reading was inspiring and was just what I needed to keep the motivation. Erin has a sweet disposition in her delivery making it easy to absorb, I look forward to watching her business grow I couldn’t help but enclose a selfie of how good I felt after her reading"
-️ Anne
"Erin is amazing! So sweet and easy going. She provided me with so much detailed information on my sun and my moon based on my name, birthday, birth time and location. The turnaround time was so quick and it got me intrigued to dig even deeper into my sign and what everything means. There is so much to know and learn from her. I’m just getting started. Thanks Erin!!!"
-️ Kara
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“Extremely insightful and thorough chart reading that left me amazed/still processing. Thankful for you and your gift”
-️ Danielle
"Erin is a great coach and healer she is thoughtful and intuitive and her guidance reflects that. Her interpretations are extremely helpful and enlightening and she is patient and understanding with her clients. I highly recommend utilizing her healing services!"
-️ Briana
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"Not only does Erin blow my mind with how well her readings connect to my life and who I am as a person, but they’re done in a way where I’m actually learning and understanding the process. Before her, I thought it was your basic horoscope and a little more. Erin has shown me the depths to my chart and all the different facets of astrology that really can affect our day-to-day lives!”
-️ Ashley
“2020 has been a challenging year to say the least. As the world nearly stopped, yet was ever changing, it had me reevaluate a lot of things in my life, starting with my own inner peace, happiness and balance. My shining light, finding and joining Erin the Urban Mermaid’s Grounded & Glam membership. It was just the help I needed to start my journey. Her guidance, knowledge and encouragement have shown me the path to live my best self. I’m forever thankful for her gifts and what it’s taught me and continues to teach me. I highly recommend working with her.”
-️ Cathleen Petrillo | New York, NY
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"Erin you are one of the most gentle and sweetest and gifted person I know. As it is I know hardly anything about Astrology. So I appreciate you doing my birth chart. It gave me a lot more perception on my characteristics and my purpose here. I appreciate you being available for any questions I had about my chart. You were so informative."
-️ Nikki
"I love Erin so much! Besides the fact that I felt a connection with her from the first time we spoke she's so straight forward and no BS! Her readings showed me exactly where and what I need to work on in spiritual practice in a way that made me excited to work on these things! Erin's very passionate about what she does and I cannot wait to work with her more! I highly recommend."
- Cynthia

“Hey girl thanks again for the reading last night! It made a lot of sense since I might be going through some major changes next year. The timelines give me hope that things will work out. You’re the best, thank you!”

“I have been a member with Erin since she started her grounded and glam membership. My favorite part of her membership is the moon readings that we get based on where the moon is transitioning through our chart. Her membership is for everyone at all price points which makes it super easy to become a member. You can also get a discount on certain services she offers! Erin is so sweet and an amazing mentor. She truly cares about her clients and if there is something going on she is always quick to answer. I am so lucky to have found her on my journey. If you are thinking about joining you will not regret it and you will find an amazing soul family that comes along with the membership.”
- Alexandria

"Erin is by far one of the most beautiful spirits I have encountered by far! Felt a deep connection first time we met. She is an old soul with compassion in so many ways and learning from her has been my honor and a life changing journey! I have taken my tarot workshop and many other workshops with Erin , I am so grateful to be a part of her soulcilites community , to have cross paths with Erin has been a blessing. She has and continues to transform my life with her teachings, guidance, help and support, I am forever thankful."
- Bianca
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"I just re read the email from a reading you did for me on 4/2/20. Whew! I totally didn’t read it slowly or deeply then and was feeling called to find it and read it again. Makes so much sense for me. It said to slow down speaking as it can cause misunderstandings and to be more mindful about who I let in (be wary of chatty people). I definitely needed to re hear this. Thank you for this beautiful gift and reminders. You’re a gem 💖"
-️ Erin Doulight



"I took Erin’s Astro Business course, and it was so much fun and informative! I learned so much from her and my classmates. I got great tips for my business that I am implementing now. If you’ve been contemplating taking this for a while, you won’t be disappointed! Plus using astrology to pinpoint why I have certain gifts was eye opening!"
-️ Liliane R. Reiki Master
"I received my birth chart reading and my mind is blown!!! Erin is the truth and clearly has an amazing gift. 💫 This reading was a gift to myself and Erin delivered it with professionalism, love & pure excellence!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I am a virgo to the core and reading about the shadow side of myslef was I real reality check and boy did I need it 😩. Having this chart is a game changer especially if your starting your journey, its one of the best tools you can have for yourself. If you haven't gotten one yet, Do It!!! 🏃🏾‍♀️ I can't thank Erin enough for sharing her gifts and giving me something I can have to reference and to also remind myslef that according to the stars 🌟 I am truly unique & divine 🧘🏾‍♀️ Thank you!!!"
-️ Tya

"Erin has been a close friend of mine my whole life and she really provided clarity for me during a time in my life when I needed it most. She helped me understand that the universe has a much larger plan for me than the one I can currently see, and this gave me such comfort and understanding of the issues I was struggling with. She was patient and explained everything in depth. I felt much better and calmer regarding the conflicts in my life after working with her and would definitely continue to engage in spiritual work in the future."
-️ Stefanie
"I had a Mercury retrograde reading with Erin as well as a slight chart reading too. First, she is so nice and welcoming, she took the time to find a time that would work for me. Second her reading was spot on! It is truly amazing how your chart can tell things about you!! And I only had a few bits of my chart with her. Now the Mercury retrograde reading, so crazy spot on on personal things as well as she mentioned car problems I think 3 times in my reading and each time I was like well that’s not me, I have a new car!! Well she was spot on because not long after my reading I received two critical recalls on my car! So accurate and insightful!! I booked a basic birth chart with her next and can’t wait to see what it says!! Don’t look any further, book Erin!!"
-️ Jean

Let's Talk Tarot is one of my favorite workshops that Erin has offered. Everything is broken down in each class and discussed by Erin in great detail. She spends time talking about all the suits in the deck as well as the differences between the Major and Minor Arcana. Erin makes sure she breaks down every single card individually not just by meaning but also by what you see in the illustrations and how to use your intuition to read each card. The course is made to make you feel super comfortable in starting your journey into Tarot. She makes it so easy to comprehend and gives so many great examples on how to interpret the cards. There is also so much time and effort spent to make sure you're relaxed and free from any belief that you won't be able to succeed, because you will! Erin will make sure of that. If you are thinking about taking this course, DO IT!
-️ Sue S.
Erin's let's talk tarot class was a wonderful experience. She explains everything in the classes in great detail while also making it super easy to understand, which I found it better to understand then most books on the market. She also has a different perspective to reading the cards which I love. Her presence is lovely and calming while also keeping things real. It's a wonderful class and it's fun to meet new people in her classes. Some of which we practiced our readings on each other during our off times. I really enjoyed her classes I highly recommend the let's talk tarot class to anyone who has been wanting to try it.
-️ Alley R.