Modern Mystics Academy of Enchantment

Life In Accordance With Divine Law and Nature


 Who is the Modern Mystic?

Very simply put, she is the witch that lives in today's world. 

You know, the term "witch" has been quite misconstrued, like a practitioner of evil thanks to Hollywood, when all a witch is is someone who lives by the laws of nature rather than the laws of man- a sovereign being.

For many of us, we feel a strong connection to how life was lived simply and slower. When days were spent more intentionally, from a morning cup of tea in the sun to meditation at your altar to connect with your guides to cooking a nourishing meal and sitting to enjoy it to a spiritual bath every Full and New Moon cycle. This ancient rituals have been somewhat lost in our society, especially in America. And that is because we live in a world that has progressed to being technology based even, reliant.

As Pluto, the planet of challenge, transformation, death and rebirth and what is hidden in the shadows dances between Capricorn and Aquarius over the next 8 months or so before it finally stations in Aquarius until 2043, we are being called to find the balance of being that witch but in today's society and this is the Modern Mystic.

"How Do You Know What You Know?"

I get asked this time and time again. 

I am from a lineage of healers and during my awakening, I was shown I needed to return back to my roots. I've spent years accumulating occult knowledge and ancient wisdom to grow spiritually, grow my own practice and as a Sagittarius and Scorpio stellium, learning this kinda stuff really just does it for me. The more I learned and implemented into my life, the more alignment was brought in to me. 

I've always felt a connection to mysticism and that opened up more and more throughout my journey. It's even in the 12th house of my birth chart, it's my karmic debt to show others how to connect back to their inner magick, not only through healing but through mysticism. 

Now, I am finally ready to answer the call to share all of this so that others can live a life of enchantment as well. 

And so I birthed my latest offering. . .


 Witch School??????

Well, lol, that just doesn't sound as Divine, does it? But essentially, yes.

This academy will be teaching you to enchant your everyday life by becoming a Modern Mystic.

This academy will focus on:

- slow and intentional living in the modern world

- foundational occult knowledge and ancient wisdom

- returning to ritualistic and cyclical living

- magick (honing your craft, your inner magick and energy manipulation)

- listening to your intuition and leading from the heart

I will be covering things that are very foundational and basic knowledge like what planet rules each day of the week to more intricate occult knowledge like how to create a proper ritual or spell, what day of the week to do it on to have cosmically and astrological support, what color candle to use, what time of day to do it at and more.  




Stay Tuned for the next Mystics session in 2024!



Watch this testimony from Sabrina, one of the first students of MMAE:


MMAE from Sabrina on Vimeo.





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