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So, on the topic of supplements, did you know the proper supplements are essential for your little too? And standing by what I said yesterday, high quality + how you take them is imperative. I’ve been using @childlifeessentials since Bryson was born. They are formulated by a holistic pediatrician + are gluten, alcohol, dairy, casein + GMO free. This makes me feel good giving them to the boys. I specifically advocate for giving your children vitamin D long after your doctor says you can discontinue it. Vitamin D is the underdog of supplements meanwhile it has powerhouse immunity abilities. !!!!! Many of these illnesses spreading around these days are due to a lack of vitamin D !!! I also keep their Gripe Water on hand which is a multifaceted soothing remedy for bloating, gas + upset tummies, Liquid Calcium with Magnesium to help these boys grow to their predicted NBA height status, + Echinacea, which I put in my Elderberry syrup for immunity support instead of OTC cough/fever remedies that contain junk + dyes. Any mama would agree with me, our little ones are our world + what we give them is so important, what worked in the past isn’t cutting it anymore. Know better, do better or at least ask someone like myself for some guidance. This is why I do what I do, to advocate + educate for those who don’t know this information is available. #moregood

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