Daily Harvest: Nourish Me, But Gimme Dat Easy-Easy,

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Hello Soulcialites,
Thanks for sticking with me on my slight hiatus, the energy is just really heavy right now and I'm realizing the push to slow down. I won't use this platform to get into all of that though, because I've spoken enough about it on my IG posts and stories, in fact if you didn't catch my video about helping your kiddos who are so sensitive to this energy, you can give that a watch here with tips to guide them through this. But in regards to slowing down, I think now is an amazing time to start focusing on nourishing our bodies. Nourishing foods raise our vibes from the inside out. Now, I love soul food like this but in all honesty, cooking 3 meals a day plus snacks (on top of working and managing my kids and home) is not in my time budget. I recently discovered Daily Harvest, it's that easy-easy nourishment that this mama craves and NEEDS! I tried them out over the last week or so and I am HERE FOR IT!!!!!
A bit about Daily Harvest: they have created these cups with a purpose. Top quality WELLNESS ingredients, working directly with farmers, locally sourcing food, with a focus on antioxidants, essential vitamins, organic foods and all in the most convenient little cup. So almost everything you need to make the snack or smoothie, is in the cup - a few exceptions is water, nut milk and seasoning to your taste. But how freaking easy and convenient is that ?!?! Oh how I wish I knew about this when I still worked in an office!!
Let me start with their options. They make cups in the following: Smoothies, Lattes, Bites, Soups, Harvest Bowls, Oat Bowls and Chia Bowls. I tried to get one of each to try, because, yaaaaa I want to try it all lol They did NOT disappoint, not a single one!!! The bites taste like cookie dough!!! I KID YOU NOT!!! I even shared them with the boys, because Mean Mommy, ruler of the no white sugar or processed foods, deemed this totally okay for them because the ingredients are all pure. . . they were in HEAVEN. Christian also really enjoy my Shitake Mushroom soup bowl and I basically fought him over it. Yes, I fought my 17 month old over soup. The Chia Bowl also totally satisfied my sweet tooth. I will say the convenience of the Smoothie impressed me the most. All the ingredients are there, just add nut milk, throw in the blender and pour it right back in the cup! No brainer! 
I have a real thing for mushrooms and zucchini lately, so these Harvest Bowls have really been doing it for me. I can't stress the easy factor enough. Knowing I'm getting all the healthy thangs I need and it can be cooked or whipped up in a matter of minutes SOLD me. They get delivered fresh to your doorstep too, so points there for sure. You can curate your own box to what fits your lifestyle best. I will actually start including these as options in my wellness plans for clients because I like them so much and you can't beat the wellness or convenience factor.
image via Daily Harvest
So how do you get your hands on this little life hack? You know I'm you're girl! Click on Daily Harvest (please use this link provided) and use code urbanmermaid for $25 off your first order! I promise, it does not disappoint. Also, check out my IG for a fun video of me making one of their smoothies :)

Finally, I'd like to introduce a new product of mine, The #groundedandglam Secret Resource Guide. This is something I've been putting together over the last few months of all the resources I came across before I got my business launched. This PDF has 22 pages and nearly 100 resources. If you're looking to bring your dream business to life on a tiny budget, this guide is only $25 and the resources I cite are all free or very inexpensive, but the biggest bonus is all the time you will save researching this! You can check out my services tab here under the single services and contact me if you'd like a copy! This is prelude to some 1:1 business coaching I will be offering soon. 

If you need any help because you are struggling in this time, please reach out.

Love + Light,




 Thank you to Daily Harvest for partnering with me on this post!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • I didn’t realize they had things other than smoothies!! How yummy!

    Lauren F
  • I’ve always wanted to give these a try!! Its such a cool concept!

  • Daily harvest is so delish!!

  • Love the Daily Harvest! Thanks for sharing your code!


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