Explained: Distance Reiki

Hey Loves!
I’ve been getting a lot of messages inquiring about the effectiveness of distance reiki + I thought I should take some time to explain it. Because Reiki is something done with such intention, distance is not an obstacle nor does it hinder the effects of Reiki healing. It expands beyond physical touch + beyond time and space. Time isn’t real anyway babes 😉 ⁣
Remember yesterday when I said energy is everythangggg? Well because we are SO much more than just our physical bodies, we are made up of an energy field (our aura), energy centers (our chakras) + energy pathways (our meridians), Reiki aka spiritual, vital life energy feeds us. It is absorbed through our aura, broken down by our chakras and distributed by our meridians throughout the body, which knows where it needs to go. Sending Reiki to someone through time + space is often more energetically powerful bc they aren’t physically present. It’s a whole different experience. Trust your practitioner has the power to do this.⁣
So don’t be weary about booking a distance #groundedandglam Reiki sesh babes! I personally will talk it out with you first + we can decide what method is best for me to get in there and connect, align + heal your ishhh! My distance sessions also include crystal healing, card pulls, cleansing rituals + whatever else I intuitively feel is needed!
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