Holla For a Mala!


Hey girl heyyy,

Energy Tool Tip Friday! Is that a thing? Should I make it a thing lol? Anyway, Mala beads!  I posted about them in my stories a while back but I want to get into why they are such a special tool in your spiritual practice. Mala beads have 108 beads + 1 guru bead. 108 is a sacred number in yoga, representing the wholeness of existence as well as the number that connects the ☀️ , 🌙 + 🌍 . Much like a rosary, you can pray, meditate or say your mantras on the beads. By repeating your mantra on your Mala beads 108 times you are refocusing + quieting your mind, raising your vibe and getting your message out into the universe. *Speak Into Existence* I love the hand crafted, artisan Mala beads from @tinydevotions/ Tiny Devotions I have the “Mama Mala” (pictured) made of rose quartz, smokey quartz + sandalwood to remind me to send myself some compassion while raising my tiny humans. Check out their whole beautiful line of high vibe spiritual tools + jewels and receive 40% off your first purchase with code TD40  

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Photo Cred: Shoottphotos

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