I'm Having a Crystal Grid Moment

Dearest Soulcialites,

Soucialites = Soul + Socialites (and lite for "love + light" as I always say), like what I did there? ;)  I'm going to try that on for size for a bit. Anyway, on my never ending quest to expand my knowledge of energy healing, last night my reiki sista Briana and I attended a crystal grid workshop given by my friend Jess at my happy place, Sojourn Healing Collective. I am pretty informed about the basic crystals and the energy and power they hold, but was very intrigued about the power of a crystal grid. 

Crystal grids are used to amplify the power of both the crystals you are using and the intentions you are setting. Love, money, abundance, protection, focus, grounding, clarity, healing, connection are all general examples of what you might want to be calling in but you can get more specific and use a more complex grid. Jess talked about 4 grids based off of Sacred Geometry which is woven into nature itself and is powerful before you even add the crystals. The grids seem to have a progression with them finishing with Metatron's cube. I was very drawn to this after my very dear friend, spiritual mentor and psychic medium taught me to pray to Archangel Metraton to connect to Spirit before my readings and during mediation. But the other grids are just as wondrous and intricate.

 What I love about these grids is everything can be done very intuitively. From how you choose to place your crystals to even adding other materials like coins, pictures, shells or flowers, to how often you want to connect with your grid and where you put it. Your own body can be a grid which is actually part of the crystal healing I offer in my Reiki sessions. 

When creating your crystal grid, it seems working from the outside in makes the most sense, but again use your intuition. Your outside stones will be your supporting stones and your middle one is your center or focus crystal. You want the outside energy flowing inward toward that and you can use a wand to connect them. You want the focus stone channeling all the energy up and out into your space. Don't forget to set your intention first and it probably doesn't hurt to repeat it while placing each stone down. A friendly tip about intentions, make them short and sweet, to the point. You can totally tap into some Feng-shui and use these beauties throughout your home. When you feel called to take it down, express your gratitude for the work it's done. 

I want to show some love to Sojourn Healing Collective for hosting the workshop and to Jess for letting us be sponges to her vast knowledge about all this fun stuff. We had a great time! Contact info for both provided below.

Jess Kay's website and IG.

Sojourn Healing Collective's website and IG


Love + Light,





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  • This is such a helpful insight, thank you for helping me in my journey!


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