Major Mom Hack! I Love HighOh!

Hey Mamas + Co,

Mamas, you know I love me a #momhack + I have one for you that also checks off the non-toxic box! I was sent HighOh Pads which are reusable pads for that time of the month or incontinence. Now, I immediately thought of my postpartum life + wish I had these then. If you didn’t know already pads + tampons are cancer causing, look at the shiny film on them - THAT IS NOT NATURAL, neither is what they are packaged in and the “cotton” they are made from. Since you can’t use a menstrual cup postpartum, these pad are soft, discreet + comfortable. These pads are sustainable and will also save you soooo much money! They come in a variety of sizes + were created by 2 sisters #shopsmallbusiness So if you’re ready to ditch the cancer causing + pricey pads, give @ilovehighoh a try!  #ilovehighoh


Love + Light,



Photo Cred: @misserinm

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