My 30 Day Collagen Challenge with Ancient Nutrition


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Was January the longest year ever? Truth be told, I actually found it to be very productive. One of the intentions I always like to go into the new year with is: how can I be more well? I consider wellness an alignment of the holy trinity: mental, physical and emotional levels. So any way I can work on that, I am here for!

My friends at the Dr. Axe Store make some wonderful wellness support supplements that I got to give a try this month. I've said countless times how picky I am about my supplements because the quality of them truly matters. Ancient Nutrition at the Dr. Axe Store meets my standards of a high quality, high vibe, nutrient dense products that I feel good not only taking but recommending. 

I joined Ancient Nutrition in their “30 Days of Collagen Challenge” by using a scoop or more every day of their Multi Collagen Protein Powder in my coffee or tea (I found it works best in a hot liquid because it dissolves better) or by blending it into one of my smoothie bowls. It's totally tasteless, which is a big bonus for me as I don't love many flavored powders. 

Why do we need collagen? Well if you ever owned a beeper - it's time to start investing in some collagen. Collagen has what I like to call "whole body benefits". It is used to for your skin to reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity, it is great for your joints by keeping them in top flexible shape, and of course bone strength. 

So overall consensus? Thoroughly loved the product and will be continuing to incorporate it into my daily routine. 

I had been on the hunt for a while for a new multi vitamin since I finally phased out my prenatal. Ancient Nutrition sent me theirs to try. This supplement features ingredients inspired by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This is part of the reason why I vibe with the brand so much, nutrition can be very foundational and that's really all we need. The pill is easy to take (aka not a horse pill) and I am overall very pleased with it. I should also mention it is Keto + Paleo friendly and Gluten/Nut/Dairy free.

The Organic SuperGreens is actually a product I have used serval times in the past. It has a nice crisp, minty flavor and personally, I like to blend it into my smoothies either if I am out of my greens or as a bonus. I know some people who just drink theirs mixed right into water, so you can try it that way too, I can't give my opinion on that because I haven't tried it that way. This is a very easy way to boost your daily greens in take. It's great for detoxing and immunity, I mean tons of essential vitamins and nutrients. Also, because it blends so well, this is a great way to sneak some greens into picky kiddos!

As always, the kind folks at Dr. Axe have offered my followers a generous 20% off their purchase with code: misserinm They have so many more great items in their store, I totally recommend you give it a look!


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Thank you to the Dr. Axe Store for partnering with me on this post!


  • Dr. Axe has so many wonderful products! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love taking natural supplements aside from good eating habits it boost your overall health to the next level! Need to check this products out.
    Thanks Erin 💕

  • I use collagen too! Need to check out the super greens!

  • If you ever owned a beeper! Lol 😂

  • Love the info you share. I use collagen powder too!


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