My October Cleanse

Dear Soulcialites,

Well, it has been a while since I blogged, thank you for you patience! It was never my intention to abandon the blog, but I am ONE person who wears MANY hats, so the blog took a little back seat. 

I decided to take to the blog to document this past month of October and my cleanse experience in a more in depth post than on IG. 


For the month of October I decided to cleanse using Medical Medium's 3-6-9 Liver Cleanse Method (I linked the book.) The cleanse itself is a 9 day reset but I extended it for the whole month. Since the end of August I was receiving downloads that I needed to reset and change some things up for my physical and spiritual health but I decided to wait until October because I was traveling home to Brooklyn in September and I wanted to enjoy myself while there. And let's face it, that involves a lot of good food and wine and PIZZA! I did not do this cleanse to lose any weight, although many people do and have great success. For me, this was the bridge to resetting my lifestyle. 

So I pretty much wanted to take to here to go over what worked, what was difficult, what was easy, what results I saw, what I am going to stick with and most important, share the spiritual downloads I received.

What I Loved

  1. I was never once hungry on this cleanse.
  2. I got to experiment with making some mouth watering recipes from the cleanse  book. Everything I made was SO flavorful especially the ratatouille and the bruschetta made without OVOO!
  3. Whipping up two apples, 2 dates and bit of fresh ginger in the food processor is a delicious snack. 
  4. I now am having a love affair with radishes.
  5. Previously, I was never a fan of sweet potatoes. But I came up with two bomb ass recipes for savory fries with a tahini lime dressing and as toast, both made easy by the air fryer, that will now be a staple.
  6. Surprisingly, like shockingly, I didn't miss wine nearly as much as I thought. I had some one night when I was having a particularly rough week with my kids, and a glass at our family Libra birthdays celebration. My whole goal with this was moderation, so instead of beating myself up over "cheating" like I did in the past, I showed myself grace and compassion. I was beyond stressed, exhausted, emotional and at my wits end with my kids that week and celebrations deserve to be celebrated. It was all good.
  7. I tried lots of herbal teas! I love tea as much as coffee. ( I'll get into the caffeine part of this after.)
  8. I feel lighter and clearer, physically and spiritually.
  9. I really like the taste of celery juice! Day 6-30 I drank it twice a day. I realize this doesn't vibe with everyone, I guess some people have a texture thing with celery, but I enjoyed it. 
  10. Juice 2 oranges and some fresh ginger and you've got yourself a bomb salad dressing. 
  11. Meal prep was my homeboy. 
  12. I also "cheated" when we took the boys out for Christian's birthday with cheese enchiladas, rice and beans and guac (no meat or a margarita) from our fave homestyle Mexican place and again at the family celebration with chicken verde (unsure the name of the dish, my SIL made it and it was delicious) which I went in there knowing I would be indulging. Sure, I could have brought my healing soup which I love, but why deprive myself and be pissy about it?
  13. Dates were a staple on the cleanse as they "warm up the liver". I've never been into dates - wellllll LOL actually I could use a date like desperately with Ryan if anyone is available to babysit???? Seriously, they were quite the interesting little snack. 

 What I Didn't Love aka What's the Lesson Here?

  1. The leftover celery meat (lol I mean idk what to call it) is a beyotch to clean and it gets everywhere and sticks to everything. You have to scrub, soak, and wipe it off of the cups, the sink, forget about how annoying it is to clean the Juicer daily but all in the name of wellness, am I right?
  2. Making all your own food at home makes a lot of dishes. I ran my dishwasher every single day.
  3. Not drinking wine at night makes it very hard for me to fall asleep. I am already a bad sleeper, I co-sleep with the boys (Bryson has sensory issues and must rub me all night long which may sound sweet but it gets to sensory overload for me and Sweet Christian who slept in his crib, through the night, in his own room for a year or so has joined in. He likes to sleep cheek to cheek, hold my neck and be spooned and tickled), I dream vividly, I wake up for hours on end, I astro travel and also my dreams are where many of my messages are sent. So I realize using wine to knock out is a crutch and I don't want to continue that habit so I am now in the market for a CBD. The herbal teas didn't do much for the sleep and I put my phone away at night and listen to binaural beats. I am not one for melatonin because it's like Xanax for me and because my kids wake up a lot I have to be alert. 
  4. Coffee. I missed it. I realize, I genuinely like the taste of coffee. I don't do decaf because it's processed. I had about week of a nasty, nasty caffeine withdrawal and although I was fine when it went away, I like my coffee and because I don't put a bunch of shit and additives in it, I don't think it's bad for me. More on me letting coffee back in further down.
  5. Celery juice will clean you the hell out. I spent a lot of time on the bowl and my stomach did hurt some of the times.
  6. Making salads is a lot of work lol cleaning, peeling, chopping! I need to find a more efficient system!

Going Forward

  1. I am 100000% continuing to start my days with lemon water followed my celery juice. Just one celery juice a day is fine.
  2. I plan to stay 75% plant based. I don't like labels in general for anything so I def am not going to say "vegan" or whatever else. I never have eaten red meat or pork so I am not planning on starting. I can live without chicken or turkey but occasionally there's a dish I enjoy like Ryan's pollo asada or turkey tacos, so here and there I give myself permission to enjoy. I do love fish and seafood but I don't eat it much, so I am okay to have it as a treat. As for dairy, things like milk and ice cream aren't my issue. I use nut milk over regular milk. Cheese. I think I will find a way to just do cheese in moderation and choose plant based cheese options as much as I can. 
  3. I feel confident I can be more moderate with wine.
  4. Ugh coffee. . . I think I am going to start by reaching for matcha and cacao with nut milk and making a latte first before I allow coffee back in. 
  5. I am going to be more mindful of gluten! I will choose gluten free options especially for pasta (I found a red lentil one I love!) and bread and treats like cookies or something first. 
  6. Every few months I will revisit the cleanse and do the 9 days as a reset. 
  7. I will allow myself eggs as a treat as well but not freak out if something baked has an egg in it.

The Downloads 

  1. FOOD CARRIES A VIBRATION! Cooking your food at home and buying fresh and organic foods is a completely different vibration than eating out, take out, processed food or fast food and I so noticed the difference. 
  2. You need to be a energetic match in regards to your wellness to where you want to be spiritually. 
  3. Grace and compassion > judgement, beating yourself up
  4. Every time I chose to eat and nourish my soul, I kept a promise to my higher self which avoided self betrayal and self sabotage. 
  5. Being well nourishes your soul!
  6. Being lighter with my diet made me a much clearer channel and less scattered and anxious. I don't freak about my never ending to do list and trust in Divine Timing. 
  7. This was a high form of self love for me. I work on self love every single day because I realized, I didn't love myself for most of my life.
  8. I had to share all of this with my fellow empaths and light workers, so Source guided me to create my next workshop (and a few others) surrounding this. 

And speaking of that. . .

Thank you Spirit!

I will be offering the #groundedandglam "The Vibration of Food" workshop on Friday November 6th at 4pm PST. This is where I really get into why nourishing your soul is essential on your spiritual journey rather than my personal takeaways about the cleanse as I did here. This is a judgement free zone and not a class on diets. This is about the energetic connection with your Highest Self and Source being dependent on the wellness of your body. 



Early bird ticket price is good until Tuesday Nov. 3rd and will go up then!

If you can't make the live workshop, no worries! Like all my workshops, it is recorded and the replay is sent out to you immediately after.

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It was good to be back Soulcialites! 

Love + Light,




  • What a nice way to reset, Erin! Being mindful of food and grabbing healthier options (I love a red lentil pasta!) has been something I’ve really focused on this year. I think a cleanse will be next! Thanks for all of the information 🧡

  • Erin! Your tips and tricks to eating right are so appreciated. Thank you for sharing this valuable info!

    Daisy Thayer
  • You should be very proud of yourself. No easy task a 30 day anything! Thanks for sharing the highs & lows of your experience. You’ve got me thinking …

  • What a great blog!! I really enjoyed it, lots of great tips!!

  • That is incredibly impressive girl! Amazing!


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