New Service Added: The #groundedandglam You Are Not Just Your Sun Sign Mini + Extended Readings

Hello Soulcialites!

Just a little update for you here today! First of all, I was BLOWN AWAY by the overwhelming response to my free mini readings on Monday. I did NOT expect to receive so many requests, I was so shocked - thank you all so much for allowing me into such a personal space of yours and trusting me. Your feedback really had me stunned, in the best way possible! The intuitive hit or "divine download", as my friend Angel call's them, for this freebie came to me on Sunday and I ran it by my two girlfriends. They both thought it was a cool idea but every message I was channeling from my guides told me, "GIRL DO THIS". Always listen to your intuition, especially if your guides are chiming in in agreement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I also want to offer a quick thank you to those I could not get to. (Thank you rather than sorry because I see and hear you!) At some point I had so many requests I couldn't take any more new ones. For the next time I know I have put a cap on the amount of requests I can take. I promise there will be more freebies like this, hopefully once a month, perhaps discussing other planetary positions in your chart (or whomever you are inquiring about) or whatever offering download I receive and decide to go with. I'd just like to explain that not only doing so many readings is a lot, not just like typing it all out and reading, but connecting and channeling the messages takes A LOT out of me energetically because I'm also tapping into someone else's energy field and the energy fields I receive my messages from. Any reader will tell you this, this is why you should tip them for their services ;) HINT, HINT Please consider that because you would never not tip your waiter or hairdresser or nail girl. I know my other reader friends are like "yasss girl' that I mentioned that, haha I don't find it abrasive, please understand money is energy and it is an energy exchange. 

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So on the heels of all the success from this offering I introduce to you my latest service:

The #groundedandglam You Are Not Just Your Sun Sign Mini + Extended Readings

The mini reading will include your Sun, Moon and Rising/Ascending Sign and will be emailed to you in a detailed report. If you have ever done my #groundedandglam Chakra Analysis + Guidance Card Pull, it will be a similar set up. This offering is $50. The extended reading will go a little deeper and get into your North and South Nodes, 12th House and Chiron placement. The extended reading is $75 and I will explain the significance of all of these after the jump. 

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What is the significance of all of these placements in your chart?

Sun Sign: Your sun sign is the one you look at when you read your horoscope, but it only represents one part of you. It's your personalty, your ego, how you see yourself, your I AM, your motivation, what drives you and your identity. It is who you are becoming as a person.

Moon Sign: Your shadow self, your emotional self (how you process, hold, deal with, your whole emotional code), it is your instinctive nature, your inner being. Your moon is who you already are.

Ascending/Rising Sign: This is the person you project to the world, how the world sees you.  

 North or True Node: This is what you've come to this life to learn. It's the "becoming of" in your soul's journey. Often times, this will not feel natural to you because you are meant to lean into this and step out of your comfort zone to uncover your soul's buried treasure.

South Node: The is the part of your soul's journey you've already mastered. They are the lessons you are bringing into this life. This stuff will be very natural to you on your soul's journey of personal development and fulfillment, you are meant to meant to move beyond and grow from all of this. 

Chiron: This is your core wound. The placement of this in your chart is what and how you need to heal these traumas. I like to think of this as our secret super powers! I believe this because as we come to terms with our past pain and trauma, we gain a certain perspective or wisdom that allows us to spread to the world.

12th House: This is the house of what you need to let go of on your soul's path to liberation, what you need to detach from in the physical world. This house also deals with the unseen: Karmic connections, dreams, secrets and skeletons in the closet. 

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In order to complete these readings I need your first name (or the name of the person you would like the chart on), EXACT birthdate, EXACT birth time and EXACT location at the time of birth. These last 3 elements are IMPERATIVE and I CANNOT do the chart with out them. They must be accurate as well since the planets change positions by the minute and can throw everything off! 

From personal experience, I highly recommend doing these for your children. It is a game changer in understanding their personalities, especially if you have multiple kiddos and how to go about parenting them as individuals.

I feel I should add as a disclaimer, this is your ASTROLOGICAL chart reading and channeled messages, I make no promises. (wink wink) 

If you are looking to have your chart read or someone you love's or whomever, you can email, message, or DM me (There is also a direct link for consultations at the bottom of my services page) with the information I need referenced above! Let's give you an inner look into what makes you - YOU!


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