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Thank you for holding space for me as I took a much needed pause, Mercury Retrograde has been doing a number on me emotionally as well as making the boys completely crazy and not regulated at all. (Also, I am trying to replace "I'm sorry" with "thank you" so people understand they are seen and appreciated.) But, I am back and very excited tell you about my latest partnership with holistic health and treatment center, Saffron and Sage!

On Sunday I attended a Yoga Nidra and Acupuncture class at the facility. I was super excited about this as I have never tried acupuncture but it is something I have always wanted to do. Yoga Nidra is a form of unconscious and restorative yoga that allows the body to basically go into shavasana and your mind into a relaxed, meditative state. Personally, I enjoy it so much because I find it basically impossible to shut my mind off unless I'm forced to. Vanessa, the acupuncturist on staff, placed needles our ears and third eye. These specific points were done to help us calm down more and feel that sense of calm even after the needles were removed and class was over. We also pulled some cards from an oracle deck called "Inner Compass", which I always love pulling from decks I don't own, and there was a beautiful crystal and candle grid in the center. The Yoga Nidra was led by Christina who was a wonderful guide and also extremely funny! It was such an enlightening experience and I definitely want to try full body acupuncture amongst all their other cool services! I should also mention they have the most darling little shop up front with crystals, jewelry, make up and more.

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Saffron and Sage is a super next level, innovative holistic health care and therapy treatment center. They combine a balance of East meets West practices, so there is really something for everyone. Their services include: acupuncture, energy healing, fire cupping, massage therapy, nutritional programs, psychotherapy, sound therapy and more. They provide a variety of yoga classes, peep their schedule here, and events like moon circles and book club and even retreats. You can sign up for a consultation here and together with a wellness expert, decide what route of healing is best for you using their Bio- Individualistic Holistic Health Plan. They have big dreams of expanding too! When I had my consultation with Kimberly, she told me they want to add an IV bar and I was basically like, yea sign me up!

Why do I choose holistic healing and modalities? I'm not a doctor, but I feel being a human qualifies me to have an opinion on this. It all comes down to treating the trauma and not the symptoms. You can only suppress the issue for so long before that stops working and you have to get to the route of the problem and holistic healing treats that. When you start listening to your body, I promise you it will tell you what it needs and you will intuitively start to recognize this. I really feel these methods of treatment are the way of the future. 

Because I enjoyed my experience at Saffron + Sage so much, they were kind enough to provide my followers with some coupons. YAY! 

ERIN10 - $10 off a service
ERIN5 - $5 off educational events

I want to send my heartfelt gratitude to Kim, Christina, Vanessa and the staff at Saffron + Sage for having me for the class, it was a joyful experience I hope others get to enjoy as well. So if you are in the San Diego area, go check them out! You can also find them here:

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Thank you to Saffron + Sage for partnering with me on this post!


  • This was supper informative. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mercury is kicking a** for a lot of us! That being said, I’m a big believer in acupuncture for many reasons & ailments. As usually, enjoyed your blog

  • This is all amazing, Erin!

  • I had such an amazing cupping experience!


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