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Dear Soulcialites,

Today I want to touch on a topic that I have advocated so many, many times in the past. Shopping small business, supporting local business and buying direct. Going forward in this post, when I say "shop small", I am embodying all three of those meanings. Times are so uncertain right now, money is tight for many, people are struggling, so at this time I am writing to urge you to please, SHOP SMALL. 

Here's the thing. Is something like Amazon the easiest and most convenient thing ever, yea pretty much. I'd be lying if I said I didn't rely on it. But Amazon is a billion dollar company, so is Target and Walmart. They produce for the masses. I am by no means judging anyone for shopping there, they are great for a lot of things, but please hear me out. When you shop small, you are supporting not only someone's dream but their family, your business is supporting THEM, helping them pay their bills and buy food and have a car or a home. Sure, in some sense by shopping at Target, your helping the people who work there, but really you are just making Target itself richer. THEY DO NOT GIVE BACK TO YOU.  Shopping small can change things on a global level which is a huge message during these times. Times of change. 

This cause is so dear to me because since I started my business, I have struggled and fumbled. Took me wayyyyy longer than anticipated to get my website up. Trying to get a photoshoot between schedules and kids. Learning to use the back end of my site. Visions changing. Getting clients!!!! HOLY SH*T is that hard. Because most people don't want to pay. They want free. That's the honest truth. All the freebies I offer is because at this point in time, I really can't discount my services but I urge people to take advantage of these because the energy exchange comes from me giving openly. If you are on my mailing list, I do offer discounts occasionally to you Soulialcites only. 

This leads me to my next point involving shop small etiquette. Rather than asking for something for free, you can explain to the business owner you are not in a position to pay for something right now and would they consider bartering or trading with you? They will respect your honesty and then they can be honest back and you'll vibe that too. Maybe if they can't, they'll offer a discount, but that's up to them. If it's something on Instagram, maybe you can do a giveaway together or trade by shouting each other out, or trade for post.

Besides shopping small, you can support by sharing their page or website, shouting them out, leaving a review, signing up for their emails, recommending them to friends...any one of these is worth it's weight in gold.

Here's the fun part! I've spent a good amount of time putting a list together of my recommendations of places for you to shop small. There's no specific theme here, everything from toys to readings and online businesses and in person and in all locations. Some of these people I do work with or collaborate with and I am okay promoting them because I only work with brands with integrity and that align with my own business. I also have a lot of my friends and clients on here - SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS + CLIENTS!!!! For sure there are products or services on here I haven't used personally, but I know the person selling them and how hard they work. My Virgo moon and Cap rising really wanted to organize this a little better but this is the best I could do considering the energy I put into it. 

Here it is. . .

Urban Witches Shop: Made with love and empowered by nature. Lush skincare products made with all natural ingredients, home items and jewelry. Use code EASTER for a discount!

Pleni Naturals: All natural and non toxic skin care for you and your little one. URBANMERMAID15 gets you 15% off, right now orders over $75 receive a free Berry + Olive Barrier Balm

Moon Beings: Using plant based science, clean is their mission! Beautifully curated skin care.

Beauty Counter: More skincare that meets the standards of clean beauty. 20% off for first time clients for the month of April.

Arbonne: Make up, skincare, beauty needs, shakes, treats, all embodying a clean and vegan way of life. 

Pour Vida Craft: The modern day apothecary. This business itself supports so many special causes, by shopping here, you're truly shopping from the heart.

Rhodan + Fields: This line has gained popularity for the fast and dramatic changes it reflects. While this isn't one I use personally, I do support friends and I know many do use this brand. 

Cheryl Keden Real Estate: The best Realtor in the East Bay Area! For all your buying and selling needs in a beautiful area of Northern California.

Ariana Berson: LA based Realtor with the plug on all those 5 star homes you've always dreamed of. Those Hollywood Hills are calling!

Holly Craigen: Texas based Realtor, not only does she know homes, she is super funny too!

Pearls and Lavender: For lovely crafted jewelry, particularly for brides an bridal parties, check them out. They are classic and stylish.

Boutique Suarez: Some of my fave jewelry right now, hand crafted and simply outstanding. Want all of her pieces. They are in some places throughout Long Island, NY and do truck shows, but just shipping for now.

UniverSOUL Crystals: Again, handmade. Wire wrapped crystal necklaces and other jewelry and loose stones. Melissa is truly an artisan with her work.

Sabrina A Inc: If you want the most beautiful bling, I am talking grade A diamonds and quality, this is your store! You will be wowed! Conflict free!

My First Diamond: A special keepsake for your little one they can always cherish.

Asta LaLuna: I rave about this crystal and geode encrusted glassware all the time. So unique, I've never seen anything like it. 

Pink Ruffles: Adorable and sexy handmade bathing suits, bikinis, leggings and matching mommy and me sets! 

Poppy Baby Co.: Wooden toys for learning ad development. They have super fun themes and are fully organic. 

Busy Easy Cube: Montesorri type learning  and convenient for on the go or in the car or stroller to keep your little one occupied.  

Ushine Baby: Bonnets and caps for little ones, made with love. 

Unveiled By Christina Vo: All of your beauty needs, especially for a big day! Hair, make up, spray tans and she is also a Realtor! Christina has done everything from photo shoots to weddings! A total pro. 

Monat Hair: I have not tried this product personally, but my friend who sells it has some really enviable hair, no lie!!

Earth Soul Elements: Flower essences, crafted mala beads and other divination jewelry, and Reiki healing. 

Lactic-ups: This got me though breastfeeding the second time around, I saved hundreds of ounces. Also, the breastmilk teether is the BEST and share their milk bags. MISSERINM15 gets you a discount. 

Lunastry: I adore this little shop, I mean, HELLO AESTHETIC! Hand made candles with crystals, oils and herbs, jewelry and more. I've had my eye on the Sag candle for a minute.

Katie Malone Marketing: Marketing maven extraodinaire. Take your business's marketing game to the next level with the tools Katie can provide; from social media and ads to your emails. 


This next group is for coaching services. . . 

Kemili: Spiritual teacher, astrologer and a guide for empowering women to step into their power!

To Be Aligned: Are you living your best life yet? Chris can help and her focus on building your relationship with your partner is an amazing tool!

Mystic Soul: Lisa is a transformation coach who wants to help you meet the highest version of yourself. She also has a little shop, offers Reiki and Chakra analysis. 

Jackie Rockwell: A coach really geared towards mamas and teaching them financial freedom so they may get ahead.  

Feel Good Mamahood: Jenna is here to help someone as a whole. She practices positive psychology, is a yoga instructor, teacher who wants to integrate happiness and wellness. 


For all your spiritual needs, I will say I personally love and adore each one of these souls and can't recommend their services enough:

Empyrean Eye: One of my dearest friends, my spiritual mentor, and one of the most gifted psychic mediums I've ever come across. Cheryl has brought me so much insight and because of her, I have been able to discover and come into my own gifts. She teaches me something everyday. You also won't find a more caring, empathic reader. She is an Usui Reiki master as well. Contact Cheryl for a reading, send her a DM.

Seth Browder: Seth is an international psychic medium, not only does he offer readings, he has loads of handcrafted divination products on his site from candles to oils to salts and even makes his own all natural elderberry, ginger and cough syrups from his garden. Seth really cares about his folks and goes live regularly just to chat and offers community rituals. His second business Bad Ass Tattoo Cream, are infused creams for after tattoo work or dry skin conditions. 

Lady In Yellow Tarot: Marcy is a psychic astrologer, clairvoyant and tarot reader. She has a great YouTube channel where every month she does reading by your Sun Sign and incorporates astrology into her Tarot. She is super cute and funny. She goes live on Facebook Fridays and does readings for the community. DM her for a reading! 

Fire and Lux: If you follow on IG, these are the dopest images with deep messages that are just so on point. Karo's services include tarot reading, tasseography which are reading through coffee grinds and candle services. He also has a cool shop with tons of divination tools. 

The Blonde Priestess: Christina is an astrologer, reader and Human Design expert. She offers remote sessions to go into your birth cart (she has a few options), do readings, but I am particularly intrigued by how much she knows about Human Design! She also has really fun merch, vegan leather goods! 

Holistic Fashionista: Angel can easily fit into a few of these categories, she is a Jane of All Trades. She is a certified holistic practitioner, Life Path Astrologer, Tarot reader, 5D Activist, writer, business coach, teacher and so much more. She has a podcast, does monthly tarot readings on her YouTube channel, has a print magazine, hosts The Empress Festival and offers tons more services through her community based platform. The amount of free education she gives is truly a gift. I am honored to call her a dear friend and her business is goals! 


San Diego Local Businesses. . .

Pesto Craft Kitchen: My fave restaurant here in SD, the chef is from Brooklyn so he knows what's up with the authentic Italian food. They are doing deliveries now and even have special packages at a low price. Tell them I sent you, they do not disappoint!

Co Create: Colleen offers support for pregnant and postpartum mamas and families, teaching them breathing techniques, how to work out properly and safely, body awareness and restore your body after birth. She has whole team their to support everyone's needs. She can recommend products and also, she collaborates with many local business that support mamas and the family. 

Maria Lozano Photography: I like to brag and call Maria my personal photographer haha but she photographer myself and my family for the last 4 years and is a dear friend. She is so creative and always knows how to think out of the box to get the shot. This is a business you can support right now by buying a gift card to use in the future. 

Fresh Creations SD: Nicole is a talented chef who specializes in vegan food. This is her meal prep and delivery service. She also does catering. I've been lucky enough to taste some of her creations and they were mouth watering. 

The Bar Bank: If you want a cocktail that is art, I'm talking carefully curated, the freshest ingredients, and delicious, this service is for you. I've known Kanita for years and she really puts her heart and soul into her creations whether it's infusing ingredients for weeks or hunting the farmers market for herbs, her quality is top notch. Book her for your next party or event for world class service. She also a delivery service. 

Dr. Katie Schlein: Dr. Katie is family chiropractor who really is here to support her patients in everyday possible. She is so kind and personable, so great with children. She is truly on a mission to care for those so they can be their best selves and believes health care is a right, not a choice. She just opened a new office and at the moment is taking patients one at time. 

Shadow Era Beauty: North Park local business for your beauty and spiritual needs. They have waxing, facials, reiki and a full shop of products of the same sorts. I attended a class there not too long ago and it was life changing. Thank you for helping me understand my gifts. They are shipping products and you can get a gift card right now. 

Sojourn Healing Collective: My love for this space runs deep. They are doing virtual classes right now, but they offer all kinds of yoga, breath work, dance and meditation type classes. They also put together some of the best workshops and trainings for those on their spiritual journey. 

Saffron and Sage: A healing space that combines both Eastern and Western practices. They offer all sorts of yoga, cupping, therapy, acupuncture, moon circles and more. They are doing remote work for clients now as well. ERIN10 gets you $10 off a service, ERIN5 gets your $5 off educational events and ERINFREESTUDIO is a one time free studio access for the future. 

Breathe Fitness: Fitness for the mama at any stage she is at. Robin also teaches classes about how to properly maneuver your body to avoid all those aches and pains that come after this big life adjustment. 

Hair by Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn normally works out of Pure Salon in Mission Valley. I am extremely particular whom I trust with my locks and Kaitlyn is my girl! She is an expert at her craft and saved my sorry hair. Consider a gift card from her at this moment to use at a later date.

Hair by Toni Kathrynn: Toni is usually based out of Lock and Key Salon near Linda Vista. They are closed right now but you can still support Toni. Send her a message and book for the future. 



Brooklyn Bump: Education for new and expecting parents. Really a beautiful support system. They are offering loads of online class right now.

Craft Baby: The cutest, crafty little things. Annette personalizes everything from tumblers to jackets. We got the boys Easter baskets from her and they are adorable. She is making masks right now too. She SHIPS!

Smoochie Baby: Love their kids clothes! For newborns up to 10 years old. Smoochie is family owned and they really exude so much love. The owner Penelope has a very interesting story. You can shop them online right now. 

Wear Soft Wear: I've written about these sustainable threads a few times now. So SOFT. I love the color palate they offer and right now, Sabrina is shipping and sending out tye dyed bonuses with every order. 

Arrangements By Arielle: Arielle makes the prettiest custom baskets for your every need. They make such a thoughtful gift. She is delivering now!

Stop Drop Restore: I just had a really lovely virtual Reiki session (for once I was the client and not the practitioner!), both ladies are friendly and sweet. I loved their esoteric exercises and they really catered the session to empower us. They also offer yoga! Everything is virtual at the moment but still a great experience. 

And Finally. . .

Erin The Urban Mermaid: hey, that's me :) I am a writer, influencer, holistic wellness consultant and educator, intuitive empath, Reiki master and mama. Right now I am offering donation based mini readings for about 10-15 minutes. I am doing virtual Reiki healing sessions and intuitive oracle readings. I also offer birth chart analysis (I have a few options) and chakra analysis. I have a brand new guide out for those trying to start their business with almost 100 cited resources. I do wellness plans with virtual support and accountability that will transform your wellness state of being. All my services can be done virtually. I also write monthly horoscopes for Red Tricycle. You can find a more in depth description of my services and pricing here. I am here to connect you to your highest self and heal. 


Thank you for checking out this list and I hope you all find a business here that aligns with you and support them!!


Love + Light,








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