Socially Conscious Produce

Hi babes!
I am over the πŸŒ™ about @imperfectfoods food delivery service! This weekly box is curated by you + can choose from produce, milk, snacks and even coffee that would otherwise get tossed from stores for not being aesthetically appealing or in excess (like is this even a thing with all the ppl in this country going hungry 😳) It’s mostly organic too! What really made me love them is they offer special pricing for low income families receiving assistance + for anyone who takes a pic with their fave product and box and tags @imperfectfoods they will donate 5 pounds of produce to a local food bank in your honor. Thank you for being so socially conscious! I’ve partnered with them to bring you 40% off your first box using our code: MISSERINM40 - so save money, save food waste + eat healthy! πŸ“¦ 🌈 (PS: my New Yorkers, they just launched there 🍎 check them out!) #cookingugly
Love + Light,

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