Someone I Love Once Told Me I Was Magic. . .


Dear Soulcialites,

Chances are if you are here, you have a natural curiosity or believe in energy, intuition, spirituality, the cosmos or things unseen. Otherwise, this is not the blog for you to be following but you are always welcomed lol I took a poll in my IG stories last week if I should do an IG Live explaining my gifts, how I knew I had them, when I knew. . . but too many stars would have to align for me to do a Live, (2 kids must be asleep, house cleaned, I have to look like a human, good lighting, I have to promote said Live so I'm not the only person who shows up to it lol), maybe that's overthinking it but I then asked if a blog post would suffice. So thank you to all who understand mom life and said "yes girl, write the blog"! This is a long story and there will be some jumping around, so I appreciate you all for following and for even expressing interest in this! As I always say, let's begin at the beginning. My name is Erin and I strongly detest labels, but I identify myself as an Emotional and Intuitive Empath and Light Worker. I have a huge hunch I am some sort of a Starseed being as well but I haven't gotten the chance to explore as much of that as I want to and there are some parts of that I am not ready to open up about yet because I do not feel the general collective is ready to hear it although I speak openly about it with my spiritual peeps.

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What is an Intuitive and Emotional Empath and Light Worker? An Intuitive and Emotional Empath is someone who just gets a feeling and knows. They are highly in tune with their Clair's and can naturally tap in to the thoughts, energy and perspective of people around them or even remotely when focused. They very easily pick up and often absorb the emotions and energy of others. A lot of the time you can't distinguish if a feeling is yours or someone else's (this is a huge thing I am working on), you can feel energy shifts and you can get a deep sense of understanding about a person, place or situation based on a vibe. There are other kinds of Empaths as well, Medical, Spiritual, Nature and it is completely normal to be a combination of all of these! A Light Worker is someone who is usually in the dark for a long period of time without even knowing who they are. At some point a waking up occurs and they realize they have a mission on this planet to spread light, healing and remind others of their own innate abilities of this sort too. For myself, images, messages, downloads and intuitive hits come to me via all four of the Clairs. This DOES NOT make us exempt or above any human behavior! Bad moods, bad days, bad decisions, not coming from a place of love, judgment, we are NOT immune to this, but we are actively working to a place to get past that. It's very 3D and I'd say we all want to be on the 5D level, which is a neutral state that always comes from love.  (Thank you to Charlise + Kylee from Shadow Era Beauty as some of these explanations are paraphrased from their manual, oddly as a writer I was struggling with the words.)

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When/How did you know you had these gifts? I guess I have always known but never had the verbiage or the knowledge to put it all together, let alone the tools to understand it. I think most people say they always felt like they were a little different, whether it was growing up or as a kid or feel it now, because we really are each our own unique individuals. But, I will say growing up I definitely felt like this and always did my own thing. I am an only child, I spent A LOT of time alone and thinking, always in my head. Not that I was a loner, quite the opposite, I've always had tons of friends, but without siblings to share stuff with, it's just you. I have always had some interest in the metaphysical, energy, astrology (even when my little naive self thought I was just my sun sign!), the cosmos, psychics, mediums, readers, I've practiced yoga for years and I have always been a very vivid dreamer. I was also a vegetarian from a very young age like 2 or 3 until 18 or so because meat actually made me sick and would make me foggy. (side note: I became a Pescatarian at 23 and only started eating chicken and turkey in pregnancy with Bryson because my protein was too low for two people) I always felt very deeply as a child, probably a little over sensitive. As long as I could remember I wanted to help people too. Another big issue I am still working with is while I am an Empath and very sensitive, I absolutely struggle with who I allow to see that vulernability, almost in shame. The internalization of all this is NOT good for me, but like I said, something I am working on. As a teenager and young adult, two things really stand out to me. I always knew how a night would go. Like before I even left my house, I could tell how the vibe would be and I could tell my mood or vibe could effect a whole crowd. Someone I love very much told me I was magic because I was such a magnet and I wouldn't understand that until I understood I had an inner light. In my early 20s I read The Secret and put together that everything was energy, in fact that's how I manifested my move to California at 23. In my 20s although I still felt a lot of this, I'd say a life of mundane work and partying kept me very distracted. Flash forward to my early 30s when I had Bryson and I became very engulfed in living organically and now holistically as well. I'd say it was a natural progression of learning so much about holistic ways that dabbling in spirituality followed, my sun sign is Sag and when we are interested in something we must learn it to death lol and then teach it. I followed more pages and listened to podcasts about energy and spirituality and I felt so drawn to it. I purchased my first oracle deck and connected immediately with it. Crystals, sage, essential oils, sound healing, the oracle cards, it all felt like an extension of me. After realizing Bryson was va((ine injured (not here to argue this, it's facts and its a big part of my story), I started to lean away from the traditional medical stuff and more into what I intuitively knew all along, holistic healing and spiritual support. I started waking up in a sense that my "friend group" shifted (not my day 1's, they would stick by me if I told them I was marrying a monkey and for that I thank them) but some of the people or groups I picked up along the way whose views just didn't align with mine and I started attracting more like minded people into my life. Old patterns also started falling away and I started realizing how distracting and trivial so much stuff is. Some of my dearest friends are also Empaths, Psychics, Mediums, Readers, Light Workers, Earth Angels, Starseeds or mom's with kid's like Bryson, but most of all open minded, heart centric humans. I felt the pull to learn Reiki healing and I'd say at my first training for level 1 + 2 is when I was finally able to put it all together, who I was and what gifts I had. Since I've attended many classes and workshops to help hone my gifts and better understand them. I referred two of my girl cousins to my very talented and dear, dear friend who is my psychic medium and she told them and myself, we have the same abilities that we come from a long line of women Empaths and healers up to 8 generations back and that healing is our true calling in life and we wouldn't be happy doing anything else. It is our life's work. I received my Reiki Master and during that training all of this was so confirmed. Around the end of last year I entered my Dark Night of the Soul. This is a very uncomfortable place to be in, it's kind of being stuck in the middle, in the 4D where you are mostly past the BS of the physical 3D realm (even though you have to live there) but stuff still isn't fully let go of, so you definitely aren't ready to ascend to 5D. You feel very disconnected from stuff, there's a lot of sadness, lots of tests, things are heavy, questioning of everything, even exhaustion and suffocation. It is also painfully lonely. Sounds really glam right? And I know it's not what I show the world. But after you make it through this, your soul experiences a transformation or rebirth and you're a whole new person. But you gotta work thru the lessons first. I had a third eye awakening recently where after working with Arch Angel Michael, I physically felt my third eye open. Since then the connecting and the channeling, the intuition and messages have been even more on point. 

Girl, what the hell does this all mean? My soul's work is being here to help people who have experienced trauma heal. Trauma really can mean anything. I am also here to help them fully understand themselves and connect with their higher self. Open them up to these "alternative" but true methods that actually work on the trauma and not suppress the symptoms. The ONLY way to bring light and change to these crazy, dark times is to work on ourselves.

What are some of your spiritual practices that help you with your gifts? Every morning with the boys, we practice a short morning ritual of setting intentions, an invocation/prayer, a gratitude practice, mantras, saying what we are grateful for like we already have it and calling in our guides. Working with my guides, guardian angels, Arch Angels, female ancestors and Spirit has been the most opening experience. Meditation is a huge part of my practice as well, even for a few minutes because it is REALLY hard to meditate with two kids lol But in meditation there is stillness and quieting of the mind and you can actually communicate with yourself and whomever you want really. I always call on Arch Angel Metatron before any channeling, readings, Reiki, birth charts or energy work. I always thank Arch Angel Michael before bed. Then I shut off, I have to tell all the angels, spirits, guides and messages they have to stop now and are no longer welcome because I have to go to sleep. Making sure unwanted energy or energy not serving me to my highest good doesn't attach to me is very important. I wear black tourmaline on my body and use selenite. I smudge myself, my kids, my home and my divination tools regularly. I keep an (organic) white candle lit (and far out of reach from the boys) for peace, protection, purity and connection with Spirit. I get readings regularly. Connect with my divination tools. I am constantly looking to learn more and work on my gifts. I journal and do automatic writing. Listen to binaural beats or sound healing. I am still learning to set better boundaries for myself, saying no and remembering I cannot and I do not have to do it all. Because I have always put a lot of pressure on myself with that. I don't take nearly enough time for self care for many, many reasons but one day I hope that aligns for me. I also try to take time off. Watch my 1 or 2 trash TV shows. Talk to my besties on the phone and have a good laugh. Be present with my sons. 


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What are some things you do that might not be considered "spiritually acceptable"? I took this question from a podcast I listen to because I'm into it. As I mentioned I'm a Pescatarian. Many of my other spiritual friends do not eat meat, many are totally vegan because consuming animal clogs their channeling or connection. I wouldn't mind being vegan but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love cheese or some good salmon or sushi. I am also a drinker. I love my wine, champs, a good beer, an Irish coffee or a White Claw lol Now, I don't drink nearly to the level I used to and almost no hard liquor ever, but my kids wear me down lol it's how I unwind. I have taken many breaks though since entering my Dark Night of the Soul because my body was talking to me and I had to listen. Other than pregnancy, I have never done that before. I mentioned I enjoy a trash TV show or 2, that's very rarely, compared to what I used to be lol I had all that stuff on heavy rotation on my DVR! And I'm not judging anyone who watches that, it just doesn't feel good to me anymore. My house isn't nearly as decluttered as I'd like, another thing I hope aligns in time. I also drink caffeine, both coffee and tea. Again, many of my spiritual friends don't like it. I think the important thing is that you are listening intuitively to what feels good for you. Oh, and of course I engage on social media, mostly to grow my business (the crawl to 10k I call it), but ya know there's some leisure there too. Although it is where I have connected with many of my spiritual peeps and I have unfollowed SO MUCH that does not make me feel good about myself, and the useless lol. 


Going Forward: I imagine if you are here you have either experienced one of my offerings or would like to. My current offerings include wellness plans, Reiki healing sessions, Intuitive Oracle Card readings, Chakra Analysis, Birth Chart readings, holistic lifestyle education and transformation packages. I am still learning what I call intuitive Tarot and will be taking both breath work and Theta Healing courses soon. Eventually, I'd like to pull all these modalities together that create an intuitive healing method or program for those working through trauma and ready to meet their highest self. I will also be offering workshops of my own in the near future. Check out the services tab for info and pricing.

Congrats! You've made it to the end lol if you stuck around to read this part of my journey, thank you and I appreciate you. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. 


Love + Light,






  • I really enjoyed reading about your journey. I’ve always had an interest in this so it great learning more!

    Molly @ The Modern Midwest Momma
  • I guess when you have gifts, you’re kind of aware of it, but don’t know exactly until you start knowing you’re different.
    It’s amazing!

    Michelle | con limón, please
  • Thanks for sharing this with us! I’m a therapist so I am super passionate about helping others!

  • The crawl to 10k. I feel that lol

  • You are helping so many!! I feel like being a mom has make my intuition and empathy exponentially greater!


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