The #groundedandglam Shift Your Vibes Energy Sessions

Dear Soulcialites,


I am back! Thanks so much for sticking with me on my blogging hiatus! I promise it was for good reason, you all have been keeping me so busy! I am so happy to say birth chart orders have been rolling in and the virtual healing sessions are booking up! Not to mention, my monthly parenting horoscopes with Red Tricycle and you know me, I just cannot stay still, I have another incredible collaboration in the works and as well as something I've been working on for a while coming to fruition. I hope to announce these two to you all by the end of the month. For now, I just want to give you all a huge THANK YOU! To every reader, newsletter subscriber, client, friend, anyone who left me a review, instagram follower, anyone who shares my stuff, anyone who likes my stuff - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support and for allowing me in on your personal development journeys!

I want to talk a little but about these virtual healing sessions I have been doing! My regular days are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm PST, but I can accommodate different time zones or do a healing happy hour on another day (just message me). To honor the Reiki healing, I can only book 3 people per session. Sessions are done over Zoom and I ask you be in a decently quite area you can have a little bit of room to move and lay down. Crystals and essential oils are optional but totally encouraged! I crown each class with a card pull to set an overall mood, we then journal on our individual intentions for the class, what we want to release and the mantra we want to embody. I then do some personal card pulls and channel messages. We then move into some yoga and breath work to get our bodies feeling good and getting that oxygen into us. After this we head into a short meditation to get our mind's nice and relaxed for the Reiki treatment. I work on each client individually during Reiki while the other two stay in a relaxed shavasana position. I have been adding extra grounding work to everyone's treatment as I feel we can all use extra grounding during these times. Post Reiki treatment, I slowly have you come to and discuss what came up in your energy field and what I worked on. Together we express gratitude and I pull another ritual card to end the class. In your follow up email, which I apologize for the week turn around on these but mom life is also my priority, I go more in depth on how to continue to work on your blocks, (everything in maintenance), downloads of other suggestions and more messages I channel from the card pulls. 

At the moment this class is only $25 and payment secures your reservation. I cannot hold spaces without it. This price is what feels good, so it will stick for now as I want to honor the energy exchange but want everyone to be able to afford to experience this! There are no discounts for these sessions which is also why I keep the price so low. I have to mention my cancellation policy as well. I need 48 hours in advance or I cannot refund you as the space could have gone to someone else. Thank you for understanding that! As well, I am trying to work with Venmo only and will have to assess fees for other payment services. 

What can you expect from these session? At the most basic level, to RELAX! Reiki works with your unconscious energy field, which 95% of our healing is unconscious! You do not have to physically feel it to know something is working! My lovely clients have all said they feel amazing after treatment, get better sleep at night, feel clearer and are generally in shock about the blocks I can feel and messages I come up with. 


So Soulcialites, come relax, reset and refresh your energy field! I would love to see you all there. Send me a DM, text or email to book :)


Love + Light,




(I promise I will be back on here more, balance lol I'm trying!) 



  • Love that you’re offering virtual healing s!

  • Such an amazing blog love 💕

  • You are so inspirational love your blog!

  • I’ve done a virtual healing session with Erin and they are so relaxing!

  • You are on fire, girl!!


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