The "One Minute Rule"

Hello beautiful souls,
As I’m approaching my 34th birthday (which makes me 105 in mom years 🤣) and the New Year, I was thinking, not to sound like a broken record, about how I’d like to grow more as a person. I came across an interesting concept called “The One Minute Rule” that I’d like to start implementing in my life, to make it flow a little smoother. Basically, if a task will take you one minute or less to complete, do it as soon as it comes to mind. Nothing is more stressful than a task not done. And when a bunch of little tasks add up, it becomes really overwhelming. It also helps with time management, which is an area I could always use improving in. I gave it a little whirl yesterday + def felt more motivated and productive. The other concept I have been trying to work on is replacing “I’m sorry” with “thank you”. This shows the other person you value them, their time and their actions. It makes you do some reflecting + I like that both of these ideas require you to be more intentional which is something I’ve been striving for lately. ⁣
What are some things you are trying to do to better yourself (in any capacity)?⤵️⁣

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