Who Doesn't Love a Smoothie Bowl?

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Hey girl heyyyy!

Smoothie bowls - but make it ART! I have a confession, I am completely addicted to both açaí + pitaya bowls (drooooll) Maybe it’s all the antioxidants or how mouth watering they are, but I could live off them (EXTRA!) My key ingredient that I add is Philosophie Berry Bliss protein powder. It’s a superfood plant based protein that’s organic, raw, no added sugar, dairy + gluten free and is super high in vitamins A + C, fiber, antioxidants and calcium. These ingredients are so high quality + high vibe, our bodies just respond with energy, bliss + balance. And it does not taste like gross chalky protein powders with that nasty after taste that you can taste all the fake ingredients. I’m really not into that at all (vommm) Both of my little dudes and Ryan devour it! Give it a try + N O U R I S H yourself from the inside out! Use our code: MissErinM10 for 10% off all order at Philosophie!

Peep my Berry Bliss Pitaya bowl recipe:

1 pack Pitaya Plus frozen pitaya 

1 cup frozen mixed berries

1 TBLSPN Philosophie Berry Bliss

1 TBLSPN Ground Flax 

1 TBLSPN each of Apothekary "Better Than Botox + Haters Will Say It's Photoshopped" (use code ERINxAPOTH for a discount)

1 TBLSPN Brewer's Yeast *optional for breastfeeding mamas 

Fill with organic apple juice + blend

Toppings of your choice! I enjoy raw honey, granola, bee pollen, bananas, chia seeds and shredded coconut


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Photo Cred: @misserinm

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