Why You NEED a Weighted Blanket


Dear Soulcialites,

I have recently stumbled across the holy grail of products you didn't know you NEEDED- a weighted blanket! Picture being soothed in a warm hug as you drift off into dream world. . . seriously though, it's heavenly. Let me give you a little back story on why I was looking into this product and why I went with the brand I did.

My almost 3 year old son Bryson has some sensory issues as well as some anxiety, don't we all really? But because of this, self soothing was previously non-existent with him, thankfully through many hours over the last 8 months or so of various therapies, he and we have learned techniques to help him calm down. One of the things his Occupational Therapist recommended to us was a weighted blanket. The "deep touch pressure" on the body is extremely comforting, like a hug or being held. Children with sensory processing disorders/issues, anxiety, ADHD/ADD and other concerns truly benefit and can experience some regulation from regular use.

Not only are weighted blankets therapy for kids, I know many adults who swear by them. (My party people- say good bye to the Sunday scaries!) Better sleep, less anxiety, and overall totally tranquilizing. I really believe it's the little tools like this that help us in our daily lives so we aren't all wound tight as tops everyday!

In my search to find Bryson the best weighted blanket ever, I came across the brand Tranql. I was completely intrigued by the fact that they infused their weighted blankets with lavender. Lavender has endless benefits including: soothing the skin, overall calming and relaxing of the body and mind, easing stress and anxiety, aides with headaches, nausea, muscle aches and so much more. I have worked with lavender essential oil for years so I know first hand it's effectiveness. It's the perfect compliment to what the weighted blanket already does.


The real test was when we received it, to see whether the lavender smell was overbearing and chemically or not. (If you have ever smelled real lavender and compared it to a fake, toxic one like what they use in household cleaners, you know EXACTLY what I mean.) I was pleasantly surprised and happy when I unboxed it to find out this was not the case. The scent is light, refreshing, and rather delightful, and they even sent an extra pouch of dried lavender! Bryson took to it immediately. His quality of sleep has improved significantly in just over the week we have been using it.

Tranql offers both an adult and kid sized blankets. Does that matter? Actually, yes. A good rule of thumb is the blanket shouldn't be more than 10% of your body weight. So in short, kids and adults should use the appropriate ones according to their size. They sent us the children's one which comes in gray, which actually matches Bryson's room in case he ever decides to sleep in there! (team cosleep with child #1 is strong) The adult one is a beautiful lavender color, which I now have decided I NEED one too and that happens to match my room! (see, no coincidences in life lol) Hint, hint friends at Tranql ;) Below is the size chart for the kids and adults from their website for your reference. 

The kind friends over at Tranql were nice enough to provide my followers with a coupon code, use code misserinm and take 20% off your purchase. They also have a try before you buy option, and all returned blankets are donated. Yay for socially conscious companies! There is also a pay later option. These deets are available on their website. As a mom, anything that helps my son in any way is so beyond worth it and this has been a real win for us! I couldn't recommend this more for both kids and adults.

 Check out their IG here. ( Images not of Bryson c/o of them)

Love + Light,




*Thank you to Tranql for partnering with me on this post and for creating a product that has truly made a difference in our son. 

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I am not a doctor, therapist or any kind of medical professional. I am a mom who just wants to help her son.


  • My husband always tells me I need to get one! I always fall asleep with a pillow on top of me. Lol

  • Weighted blankets are the BEST! I have four and love collecting them haha

  • Thank you and so well written. I’ve always wondered about weighted blankets and this looks outstanding. The lavender… amazing!

    Molly Mackenzie
  • This blanket looks like something I need! Plus lavender?! Yes please!

  • This sounds amazing will definitely have to check it out! Thanks Erin 🖤


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