Guiding The New Earth Children

Guiding The New Earth Children

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This is the most crucial workshop you will ever take.


The children being born now are shaping the Age of Aquarius. They are special, they are gifted and they are different.

They chose now and they chose us Indigo and Crystal children as guides to navigate them thru these challenging time. Our roads are harder bc the destiny is that much more important.

It’s our job to INNERstand them. This is why they seem like puzzles. 

This will not be any sort of parenting class. 

Learn about these star children. Their history, their mission, their lineage, YOUR lineage and the journey for us all. Learn the why, the how and exactly, the who. 

It’s time for us to step up and INNERstand our roles by full accepting our paths and showing them theirs.



**price listed on media was the price to attend the workshop live. prices increase when added to my library**