Birth Chart Basics

Birth Chart Basics

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#groundedandglam Birth Chart Basics
3 Part Foundational Mastermind


It's time to roll up your sleeves and let me take you on an in-depth journey to understanding astrology and your birth chart in a whole new light. 

This is a 3 part foundational mastermind workshop where we will take the time to go into the 3 main parts of astrology: the 12 zodiac signs, the planets and the houses.


Part One: Getting to Know the Zodiac: we will go deep with the qualities and shadows of all 12 signs. If you didn't already know, almost every sign is somewhere in your chart! So the horoscope you are used to reading, is just your sun sign! The live date for this is Monday January 25th at 5pm PST.


Part Two: The Planets Within Us: Each planet has a different function when applied to our make up. Learn about what each planet's role is and what sign you have there and why this makes you, YOU! The live date for this is Monday February 1st at 5pm PST.


Part Three: The 12 Houses: The 12 houses are indicative of different aspects of our lives, whether it be how we spend money, how we communicate or what karmic debts we are here to solve, we have a different sign in each house and essentially, this is our make up. The live date for this is Monday February 8th at 5pm PST.


BONUS: Learn to run your birth chart and learn the codes of the Natal Wheel. 


You do not have to attend these events live, you can catch the replay that is sent out or purchase this at any time to understand your birth chart!