Healing Your Root Chakra

Healing Your Root Chakra

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The root chakra is our foundation, our very base, in fact it is located at the base of our spines and radiates the color red.


The root chakra is responsible for:

  • our feelings of security
  • our financial troubles
  • fear of lack
  • our courage
  • our self worth and how we value ourselves
  • how grounded we are
  • personal safety
  • anxiety and worry


When we walk around with a blocked root chakra, we are actually throwing off our whole system because this is our foundation! The rest of us can't be in flow if this chakra is blocked. 


There are uncanny relations to a blocked root chakra and those with a Chiron in Taurus, which is a core wound in these areas. 

This workshop is about identifying these blocks and what we can do to work through and remove them. 

I will provide you tools I've used personally and share my personal and relatable examples. 


*You do not have to be on the live call, you will have lifetime access to the replay.*