Scorpio + The Shadow Self Workshop

Scorpio + The Shadow Self Workshop

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Have You Gotten Real With Your Shadows Yet?

We all have shadows, but they don't have to consume us. 

Scorpio season is upon usand it is all about transformation. It is about working through your shadows so you can transform into that beautiful butterfly by the time optimistic Sag season rolls around. 

In this workshop, we will see what are the shadows you need to work through so you too can become the butterfly.

We will be using your Soul's Blue Print, your astrological birth chart, to see what exactly these shadows are and how you can work through them using your Scorpio, Pluto and 8th House placements.

When we not only acknowledge our shadows, but face them and learn to play with the, ONLY then can the healing truly begin and you can step into your Soul's Brilliance.


Early Bird Special is good until Thursday October 29th!