The Myth of Manifesting

The Myth of Manifesting

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Manifestation has become a bit of a mainstreamed hype over the last 15 years or so with many "gurus" trying to pyramid scheme their way into selling it to you. 


In this workshop, I break down why what you've been doing to manifest hasn't been successful and tips to help you in the future.


Learn about:


  • why what you are doing now isn't producing your desired results
  • why other times you do get what you want
  • manifesting in the 3D and its limits
  • The Law of Attraction + The Secret and why they are FLAWED!
  • manifesting vs. quantum leaping
  • inner/outer blocks you might have
  • what you actually have to do to manifest!
  • embodying the Magician
  • plus I share my own journey with manifesting which started back in 2009 and has gotten me to where I am today
  • and so much more . .  .


In all my years of business I never wanted to touch on the topic of manifesting with a 10 foot pole, but this demystifying approach will surely offer you the clarity you seek. 

Everything shared is based on my knowledge, personal experience and research, your experience is your own. There are NO guarantees!