The Vibration of Food

The Vibration of Food

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Wellness on a whole is a key ingredient on your spiritual journey. WHY is this?

Food itself carries a vibration and it can either elevate us or bring us down. Nourishing our bodies helps us detox what isn't serving us, so we can be come clearer, lighter and more open to receiving. 

I am not a doctor nor a dietician, but I have been in the wellness game for almost 8 years and once I realized the effect it has on the soul, I understood it's true value.

Join me in learning:
  1. Why we need to keep our body's a well vessel
  2. Raising your vibration through food 
  3. How this makes us a clearer channel
  4. How this combats self betrayal 
  5. Why this is an act of self love
  6. Tips and Tricks

And MUCH more!

There is no judgement or pushiness in this workshop!


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