Understanding and Healing Your Money Trauma

Understanding and Healing Your Money Trauma

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This is pre-recorded from a 3 Day Virtual Retreat and you are purchasing the replay.

Money trauma is deeply rooted, multifaceted, multilevel, vast and truly unique to you and your story and your journey. This makes healing both esoteric and exoteric.


This event does a deep dive into the following:
  • What money really is and it's actual history (and why you NEED to know this)
  • how money is meant to keep us enslaved
  • "currency"
  • limiting beliefs
  • lack mentality
  • root chakra blocks
  • Chiron/Saturn/2nd House wounds
  • generational traumas
  • how our subconscious minds has been programmed
  • karmic cycles
  • debt
  • our environment and mass programming
  • shame
  • money and energy
  • money and the New Earth
  • money in the 3D, 4D and 5D
  • and healing these wounds. . . 


At the end of the last session, there was an open Q+A forum where live participants had an opportunity to share and ask their questions and receive some guidance. 

The three corresponding guides will be emailed to you along with the event links.